About us

Eclectic Villas is powered by Eclectic Greece, the incoming luxury leisure department of KYVERNITIS Travel Group.

Kyvernitis Travel Group has grown to be one of Greece's leading integrated corporate and leisure travel service providers and a key player in the global travel industry.

Our mission is to design and make lifetime experiences come true for business & leisure. Eclectic Greece is a member of leading luxury travel networks including Virtuoso, Travel Leaders as well as Traveller Made. We will be happy to assist you with any request you may have for Greece.
Since its launch Eclectic Greece has gone from strength to strength, thanks to the dedication of a team of like-minded people who want to share their love and expertise for Greece with the rest of the world.

Our Philosophy

Our primary goal and focus is to provide an eclectic & refined holiday solution for the world’s most discerning clientele. We aim to enrich and invigorate the concept of ‘the holiday home’, raising its value beyond investment to become an exquisite, fully bespoke leisure experience.

Our exposure to international markets through our extensive network of experienced associates from around the world allows us to develop a personal connection with every traveller. For property rentals we handpick the finest selection to reveal the true delight of Greece and its islands.

Our approach to customer service

Our team comprises of experienced individuals with a shared vision. They provide the highest level of service to satisfy the requirements of every customer, regardless of their needs. We want you to enjoy every moment of your journey and take comfort in the knowledge that we are here for you. Whilst accommodating the individual needs and desires of our clients, our associates do their utmost to keep you off the regular “tourist” trail, guiding you instead on an altogether unique and pleasurable journey. With discretion and sensitivity we strive for complete customer satisfaction.

Our Commitment

Travel is emotional. New horizons inspire and excite us and when the journey is smooth and the destination exquisite, our imaginations open up to our surroundings.

At Eclectic Villas we are passionate about our country. Proud of our cultural heritage and devoted to the beauty of the landscape we want to share our love of Greece with you.

As we guide and advise you through the processes involved in renting a villa in Greece, we endeavor to awaken your senses to a full sensory journey through our beloved homeland. For us, there is nowhere else like it on earth.

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