General Info:

Kythira Island is the birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of love, t’s a place endowed with great beauty: valleys; mountainsides dressed in green; spring waters gurgling or cascading down the slopes; wonderful beaches; beautiful picturesque little villages; local tasty dishes; and a architecture Venetian influenced.
The island is located between the Greek mainland and Crete, and from ancient times until the mid 19th century was a crossroads of merchants, sailors, and conquerors. As such, it has had a long and varied history and has been influenced by many civilizations and cultures.

Eclectic Tips:

  • Festivals and celebrations are taking place during the summer season so make sure to get a personal view of local traditions.
  • Taste high quality honey from local producers at the traditional village of Aroniadika.
  • The “Neraida” or “Fonissa” waterfall is situated among huge plane trees it will make you feel like you are on a fairytale.


Caste of Chora constructed in 1503

Getting there

1 hour flight from Athens

Best connected with

By ferry you can reach Kythira from the port of Neapolis


May to September